Claim Status API v2 Getting Started

Track down your submitted medical claims with Change Healthcare's Claims Status API!

Medical claims are bills that healthcare providers submit to the patient's insurance provider. Claim billings contain specialized insurance codes that describe the care a patient receives from the provider. Our APIs help automate and manage the process of submitting and monitoring the status of submitted claims. The Claim Status v2 API checks to verify the current status of any claim you submit to insurance payers that are supported by our Change Healthcare payer lists.

The Change Healthcare Claims Status API translates the standard X12 EDI 276 transaction to the more-readable Javascript Object Notation (JSON), so it is more accessible to developers and more easily integrated into users’ applications. Our API also translates the 277 Claim Status Response body from its originating EDI to the more-understandable JSON.

If you want another tool for managing Claims reports, see our Claims Responses & Reports API. Thank you for choosing Change Healthcare!

About ConnectCenter

If you only plan to use a few daily transactions, you may be able to use ConnectCenter for your transaction needs. It performs most of the features supported by an API console, but only allows manual entry for all data needed for a transaction. For providers sending hundreds of daily requests, we recommend using APIs because you can automate the submission processes and have a better fit for your business needs.

Quick Links

Developer Portal – the home of Change Healthcare’s API documentation.

ConnectCenter Change Healthcare’s portal for Medical Network transactions. It contains Change Healthcare’s Payer Lists, the Payer List Enrollments wizard, and other API customer resources.

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