Using our Postman Collection

  1. Go to Change Healthcare Developers Portal
    and click the API reference tab.
  2. In the left navigation, click Medical Network Eligibility V3 >> Overview.
  3. Click the Eligibility API link as highlighted below.

Eligibility v3 Overview

  1. Click the Run in Postman icon as shown below, which will redirect you to the Medical Network Eligibility v3 collection in Postman.



Postman is a third-party API tool/platform and not associated with Change Healthcare. The tool enables you to test our RESTful APIs.

Or click the Download OpenAPI Spec box to download the specs and open it from an application of your choice for trying our APIs.


This redirects you to our Medical Network API collection in Postman.

  1. Use your Change Healthcare sandbox credentials to access the API collection.
  2. Click the Import a copy link as highlighted below.

Import a copy

  1. Click Fork Collection to make a copy of our API collection.
    The imported copy looks as shown below.
  1. In the left panel, click the Security and Authorization Access.
    a. Click the Body tab of Params and enter your credentials as highlighted below.
    b. Select the environment as sandbox.

Your Sandbox Credentials and Environment

  1. Click Send to generate the bearer token as shown below.

Bearer Token



The lifespan of a Bearer token is one hour (3600 seconds) for both sandbox and production environments.

We recommend automating transactions to use the tokens generated over the token lifespan. Obtaining tokens for each transaction is less efficient and does not improve the security criteria for any transactions.

  1. After generating the bearer token, continue trying our Medical Network APIs.
  2. In the left navigation, if you are sending in the JSON format , click POST Check Eligibility and if you are sending in the X12 format, click POST Check Eligibility X12.
  3. Click on the Body Params to view the Eligibility request.
  4. Click Send to view the response.

Please use the sandbox predefined fields and values to try our Medical Network APIs.

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