API Health Check

Change Healthcare provides a /healthcheck endpoint in each of the APIs (for example, Eligibility, Professional Claims V3, Claims Responses and Reports V2, and so on) to check the operating status of the APIs. It is a ping for the API entry points to ensure the entry points are accessible. It is the first thing you can do if something goes wrong.

Performing API health check

  1. For example, to run a health check for the Eligibility V3 API, import the Eligibility OpenAPI Spec from the Eligibility V3 API Getting Started page in to Postman (Preferred method) or any other tool/platform of your choice.

Using Postman

  1. Generate a Bearer token using the /apip/auth/v2/token endpoint:

Generating a Bearer token



The lifespan of a Bearer token is one hour (3600 seconds) for both sandbox and production environments.

  1. Under the Postman >> MedicalNetwork >> Eligibility collection, send a GET request for health check:

If the Eligibility V3 API engine is working correctly and if the entry points are accessible, the Eligibility V3 API operating status response shows "OK":


API health check response

In the same manner, try out the /healthcheck endpoint for the other APIs to see if the operating status of the respective API engines is working correctly.



If you receive a response other than OK, the health check failed.

Please submit a service ticket with Change Healthcare by providing the traceId.

Using Try It method

  1. Log in to Change Healthcare API system.
  2. Go to API Reference.
  3. Click the API Tools tab.
  4. Click /apip/auth/v2/token.
  5. Enter the following values in their respective fields.
client_idYour client ID provided by Change Healthcare
client_secretYour client secret provided by Change Healthcare
grant_typeAlways client_credentials



To view the request example, pull down the Example drop-down.

  1. Click Try It to generate a bearer token.
  2. Go to Change Healthcare API Reference.
  3. Under Medical Network Eligibility V3, click Health Check.
  4. Enter the bearer token generated by performing step 6 above, in the Authorization field.
  5. Click Try It.
    The response to the requested API shows.



A response other than a 200 OK, indicates that the API health check failed.

Change Healthcare API Healthcheck endpoints

Payer Finder V1/payerfinder/v1/healthcheck
Eligibility V3/eligibility/v3/healthcheck
Professional Claims V3/professionalclaims/v3/healthcheck
Integrated Rules Institutional V1/institutionalclaims/advanced/v1/healthcheck
Integrated Rules Professional V1/professionalclaims/advanced/v1/healthcheck
Claim Status V2/claimstatus/v2/healthcheck
Attachments Submission V1/attachments/submission/v1/healthcheck
Claims Responses and Reports V2/reports/v2/healthcheck
Dental Benefits Advisor V1/eligibility/v1/healthcheck