Attachments Retrieval FAQs

What payers are available for sending attachments electronically?

Refer to payer connections for latest information. And for payer connection details, see ( or

Do I have to use PayerID values or can I use CPID values to send the claim?

Submitters can use either value.

What are the types of documents that I can send as a part of attachments?

It depends on each payer, but PDF, XML, TIFF, TIF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG filetypes are supported.

Are they file size limitations?

275 supports each document to be up to 64 MB but through the API, we allow up to 100 MB.

Can I send more than one document?


How are the claim and the attachment linked together?

Using the PWK06 and TRN02 values in the batch files or the Attachment ControlNumber.

Does Change Healthcare try to match the claim and attachment?

Yes, there is information in the PWK segment of the claim that would match that of the attachment.

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