Claims Responses and Reports v2 FAQ

The Claims Responses and Reports API provides a direct connection to your mailbox where payers will send their responses and reports to your claims. Use this API to access your mailbox for claim payments, claim status updates, and other communications regarding the revenue cycle from the payer.

This API enables you to obtain files of the following types:

  • EDI 277 Claim Status report files, which are responses to EDI 276 Claim Status inquiries, that you can send using our Claim Status APIs;

  • EDI 835 Claim Payment/Advice reports, which provide detailed payment information for submitted Professional or Institutional claims. 835 Transactions can be returned for Professional (837p) and
    Institutional (837i) Claim electronic submissions, and for paper and electronic CMS 1500 and
    UB04 claims submissions.

In this section, you'll find detailed answers and advice for key features of API usage.

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