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The Payer Finder v1 API searches payer lists for payer ID needed for any other API request.



Works with Change Healthcare (also internally known as Legacy Change, Emdeon, or Ark) payer list and Revenue Performance Advisor (known internally as RPA or Capario) that are now in the Payer Profile Database.
Does not work with ConnectCenter (aka Legacy Relay Health (LRH)) but planned for later release.

Payer Finder API

  • Finds payer ID values that meet certain criteria
  • Is a “helper/utility” API that other MN APIs use (tradingPartnerServiceId in Eligibility request, and so on, which is the Payer ID. This is required to request benefit information from an insurance carrier. This will vary based on the payer you want to connect to). Here is a list of test tradingPartnerServiceId
  • Returns results of a search to JSON structure
  • Exports filtered (or unfiltered) results to CSV file



Please see the API FAQs section for tips and solutions to some of the most common questions asked by customers, developer community, and internal staff about the use of the Change Healthcare API.