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For a longer discussion of Attachments in electronic data interchange and their use in our APIs, see this page.

The Attachments Submission API supports the X12 EDI 275 Patient Information transaction. It translates this standard to JSON, so it is more accessible to developers for integration into users’ applications.

Attachments submissions take two forms: Solicited and Unsolicited. As an example of an unsolicited attachment, consider workman's compensation claims. Attachments illustrating the conditions giving rise to the claim are required in all worker's compensation claims, hence they called unsolicited claims. Solicited claims usually are sent by payers to providers requesting documentation for a claim.

An attachment, in the context of healthcare electronic data interchange (EDI), is an electronic rendition of medical documentation, such as an X-ray, lab report, or questionnaire, to support a healthcare administrative transaction.

Change Healthcare supports the following formats for 275 attachments: JPG, TIF, TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

Change Healthcare’s attachment solution includes workers’ compensation attachments and medical attachments. Any receiver who does not support electronic attachments will receive the documentation via fax or mail.

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