Do you have a sandbox that I can access?

We do have a sandbox environment for testing. Our sandbox environment requires a separate set of secure credentials which you can obtain from your Change Healthcare representative. Please fill out the information in the link below, and then our team will help you get access to sandbox.

After receiving your client_id and client_secret for our Sandbox environment, you can test the API in our interactive documentation, use an application such as Postman, or test APIs using your own development console.

  • The sandbox end point URL for authorization token is as follows:

    Authorization tokens have a lifespan of 3600 seconds (1 hour) in the Sandbox environment.

  • To test getting a procedure price, the Care Cost Pricing API end point URL is:

    Request Method: POST

  • If you successfully fetch a procedure price and want to get that procedure price again, you can use get price by ID endpoint URL below::

    Request Method: GET