What is the claimReference field in the Submission response?

The claimReference field is an object containing the list of identifiers that you and others can use to track a claim. If questions arise about a claim, you can provide the information listed in the claimReference object to Change Healthcare support for troubleshooting purposes. It appears in all Submission responses for claims, and is shown elsewhere in this FAQ. The list of identifiers may differ depending on the context for the response. Here's an example:

    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "controlNumber": "000000001",
    "tradingPartnerServiceId": "9496",
    "claimReference": {
        "correlationId": "201113R999898~2634061369394033",
        "submitterId": "009998999898",
        "customerClaimNumber": "000000001",
        "patientControlNumber": "12345",
        "timeOfResponse": "2020-11-13T09:30:33.29-06:00",
        "claimType": "PRO",
        "formatVersion": "5010",
        "rhclaimNumber": "2031851503057"

The fields in the claimReference object include the following:

  • correlationId: ID used by support to locate a transaction at the clearinghouse.
  • submitterId: The customer's combined biller ID and submitter ID.
  • customerClaimNumber: ID set by the customer in the claim.
  • patientControlNumber: ID set by the customer in the claim for the patient.
  • timeOfResponse: Timestamp for the response.
  • claimType: The type of claim, Professional or Institutional.
  • formatVersion: EDI format version, will always be 5010 for the current version of the 837 claim.
  • rhclaimNumber: Number assigned by the clearinghouse. You use this value to search for the claim in ConnectCenter.

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