What file types does this API get from the mailbox?

277 transactions are a claim status response to an EDI 276 transaction. The 276 transaction is a request for the status of a health care claim. It is submitted by a provider, a health care/services recipient, or an authorized agent (any of these could be the consumer of our APIs). A 277 might be a solicited response or an unsolicited one, in which case you need to proactively use our API to check your mailbox for any new 277 claim responses. 277 files use the phrase "X3" as the prefix in the file name for any 277 claim status response.

835 responses are claims remittance notifications letting the recipient know what the payer has approved and by what percentage coverage is approved for medical services. 835 files begin with the prefix "R5". These files are returned in EDI format by default. You can open such files in JSON using our /835 API endpoint.