What does a typical Claim Status API request look like?

The Claim Status API uses a POST HTTPS call. You provide the input as JSON in the body of the request. The Claim Status request body is usually relatively brief, If the optional dependent isn't involved in the medical encounter, the request body will be even shorter:

POST ${api_basepath} HTTP/1.1
Host: ${apigee_host}
Authorization: Bearer <Your-Access-Token>
Content-Type: application/json

    "controlNumber": "000000001",
    "tradingPartnerServiceId": "serviceId",
    "providers": [{
        "organizationName": "TestProvider",
        "taxId": "0123456789",
        "providerType": "BillingProvider"
        "organizationName": "happy doctors group",
        "npi": "1760854442",
        "providerType": "ServiceProvider"
    "subscriber": {
        "memberId": "0000000000",
        "firstName": "johnone",
        "lastName": "doeone",
        "gender": "M",
        "dateOfBirth": "18800102",
        "groupNumber": "0000000000"
    "dependent": {
        "firstName": "janeone",
        "lastName": "doeone",
        "gender": "F",
        "dateOfBirth": "18800101",
        "groupNumber": "0000000000"
    "encounter": {
        "beginningDateOfService": "20100101",
        "endDateOfService": "20100102",
        "trackingNumber": "ABCD"

See the topic Contents of the Claim Status API Request for more information about the contents of the Claim Status request body.