What do Professional Claims Validation API responses look like?

A successful validation of a professional claim gives a response similar to the following:

    "status": "SUCCESS",
    "controlNumber": "000000001",
    "tradingPartnerServiceId": "9496",
    "claimReference": {
        "correlationId": "201210R999898~2014364838718969",
        "submitterId": "009998999898",
        "customerClaimNumber": "000000001",
        "patientControlNumber": "12345",
        "timeOfResponse": "2020-12-10T20:07:05.4-06:00",
        "claimType": "PRO",
        "formatVersion": "5010"

After the API validates the claim, it's ready to submit to the payer unless you want to run further changes and checks.

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