Payer Finder V1 API Parameters

Payer Finder user interface (UI) and API parameters

parCodeAn access code required to view the parStatus in the Payer Finder user interface (UI) and API

📝 Contact Change Healthcare support for an access code.
businessNameLabeled Payer Name
AliasLabeled alternative Payer Name
serviceIdLabeled Payer ID
planTypeLabeled Payer Type
states📝 States match on both a single entry and a comma-separated list. For example, states=FL would match records with a states value of FL and FL,GA,AL.
serviceName(TransactionTypes)Labeled Service Name
clearingHouse (Suite/ClearingHouse)Possible values, clearingHouse: npd (legacy Change Healthcare) or Cap (Capario/RPA).
  • wildcard=false: An exact match search is performed for businessName or alias.
  • wildcard=true: A wildcard search is performed.
📝 The default value is true. But the API users may want to set it to false.
serviceModifiedGteFilters a search/export for only those payers whose serviceModified date is greater than or equal to the value provided. If the date is in any format other than YYYY-MM-DD, example: serviceModifiedGte=2022-12-02, an “invalid date format” error is returned.
startThe record number to begin at. '0' is the first number. This is only meaningful if the size is supplied.
sizeThe number of records to return. This is important. For example, searching on “21st century insurance” (wildcard=false) yields over 1,000 records that all have the same serviceId so, a user would only be interested in the first one. Setting size=1 would only return one record instead of more than 1,000 records.
sortThe column name to sort on, and ascending (asc) or descending (desc) order.
sort=alias,asc or

Available Fields in the Columns drop-down

serviceModifiedLabeled date last modified
enrollmentStatusLabeled enrollment
payerSearchOptionsURL📝 Shows when clearinghouse is CAP/RPA and Service is Eligibility or Claim Status
enrollmentAuthorizationURL📝 Shows when clearinghouse is CAP/RPA and Service is Eligibility or Claim Status