Other API Questions

What is the tradingPartnerServiceId?

This value is also known as the payer ID. For any of our Claims APIs, this will always be an alphanumeric five-digit value such as "aetna", or "87226" for United Healthcare, for example.

Can we electronically bill Worker's Compensation?

Our APIs can transmit accident and worker's compensation claims.

A provider has two different teams; one enters the claim and the other verifies and submits it. Before submitting, can they enter the claim, save it and have it released when ready?

Our APIs don't have a cache/drafting feature. Customers can develop and automate this feature. Customers should hold the claims on their end, and programmatically set up a console to separate working on claims from submitting them.

Do you bill for failed claims that were based on technical errors?

Every transaction that makes it to the clearinghouse is billable. All errors at the API level, and some errors at the ingress of the clearinghouse, are considered non-billable.

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