My PayerID doesn't work with the Claims Lifecycle API!

The Claims Lifecycle AI API uses a different Payer List than most of the other Medical Network APIs.

You can reference the Change Healthcare Payer List for a list of values. Note that this value currently applies only to Payer entities in the Legacy Change Healthcare clearinghouse (see, and select Change Healthcare Payer List).

NOTE: the Claims Lifecycle AI API is not compatible with the Payer ID values listed in the **Revenue Performance Advisor** or **ConnectCenter Payer List** clearinghouses. The Claims Lifecycle AI API is currently modeled after the Legacy Change Healthcare Claims and ERAs in the **Change Healthcare Payer List**. It accepts Payer IDs that are listed within that clearinghouse.

Support for Change Healthcare's other clearinghouses is forthcoming in a future release.

You can apply those Payer ID values as the tradingPartnerServiceID value.

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