How do I query for a specific Attachments transaction?

The Attachment Status API uses GET and POST calls depending on the endpoint you use.

To query for the status of a specific transaction, you use the GET method with two components in the HTTP query path:

  • A reference to the transaction's traceId value in the request
  • A fieldset value that defines how much information to show about the transaction

The query does not use a request body.

Using the traceId value in your query path

TraceId specifies the attachment transaction in your query path. It supports the most accurate queries. It requires use of the traceId values that the Change Healthcare system applies to each attachment transaction.

TraceId is a unique 128-bit UUID value (as an example, 3ba21288-3f65-11eb-a512-6ab12069ade5) that Change Healthcare returns to the submitter as an acknowledgement when they receive every new attachments transaction.

NOTE: The customer's back office developers should maintain the traceId value for every attachment submission record. Whenever a Status query references that value, It should be passed to Admissions Status.

The traceId is part of the combination value attachmentId that you receive after a successful transaction using the Attachment Submissions API:

    "status": "success",
    "attachmentId": "3ba21288-3f65-11eb-a512-6ab12069ade5_12115_999898"

You specify the first 32 octets from the attachmentId as the traceId in your HTTP query path.


Using the fieldset argument in your query

You use the fieldset= value in combination with the traceId to form your query. It defines how much information you want to receive in response to your request. fieldset= uses either of two values to show the following:

  • Use fieldset=summary for a brief summary of the submission;
  • The fieldset=detailed option shows a more detailed description of the submission.


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