Change Log/Release Notes Claims Responses & Reports v2

NOTE: Change Healthcare is deprecating the Claims Responses and Reports v1 API. If you use the v1 API, you should begin using the v2 release at your earliest opportunity.

You can also check the Release Notes and the API Documentation.

Change Log

API Name API Version Date Introduced Available Until
Reports v2 5/17/21 TBD
Reports v1 11/01/19 TBD

Release Notes:

v2 Updates (9/20/2021)

Change Healthcare Medical Network APIs support a significant troubleshooting feature called metadata. API users do not need to enable this capability; it is automatic and has no effect on information in any medical transaction. It appears in the JSON response content for your API. If you encounter any issues with a transaction and need to work with CHC technical support, you can furnish the representative with the values provided in the meta object. This enables the technician to get a head start on addressing the problem.

   "meta": {
       "senderId": "Xxxx.Xxxxxx",
       "applicationMode": "prod",
       "traceId": "bc409414-70ed-e387-e7d8-7addd7a7b599"

The meta object obtains its data from the request headers and the transaction token.

This feature is not supported in the Claims Responses and Reports v1 API.

v2 Updates (9/2/2021)

Medical Network APIs are now deployed to an enhanced cloud-native network connection, which offers improved API speed and reliability. We recommend updating your systems to the following Claim Status API endpoint URLs at the first opportunity::

  • Production:>
  • Sandbox: https://sandbox.


  • Improvements to /835 and /277 functionality.
  • Updated with support for OpenAPI 3.0 with medical coding annotations of which value from EDI is presented in each property.
  • Individual attributes more clearly defined with plain-English naming conventions and translation.
  • Updates to support a new 'transactions' JSON object for the /835 and /277 endpoints. It lists out each 277 or 835 transaction contained within the report when multiple transactions are completed by the payer.
  • The /835 and /277 JSON translations present more human-readable content for EDI-to-JSON translation. The reports better represent the information hierarchy of the EDI.
  • ServiceDetails object from Reports v1 is renamed to serviceLines to match our other APIs.


  • Update to add /277 and /835 EDI-to-JSON translation API endpoints
  • Documentation updates
  • Documentation updates testing


  • Initial offering of Reports API from Change Healthcare

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