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Change Log/Release Notes

Change Log

API Name API Version Date Introduced Available Until
Eligibility v3 4-17-19
Eligibility v2 1-1-19 Deprecated
Eligibility v1 1-1-18 Deprecated

Release Notes:

v3 Updates (03/05/2021)

  • Added two arrays - benefitsRelatedEntities and eligibilityAdditionalInformationList. Each JSON object in benefitsRelatedEntities maps to objects within Loop 2120C. Each JSON object in eligibilityAdditionalInformationList maps to objects in Loop 2115C. Objects in the array will be equal to the number of times the loop repeats. In the future, we will deprecate the legacy benefitsRelatedEntity and eligibilityAdditionalInformation objects because information is already captured in objects that are part of their respective arrays.
  • Documentation updates

v3 Updates (11/30/2020)

  • Security and Authorization changes in v3
  • Host and url changes
  • Removed the Accept application/vnd.changehealthcare.medicaleligibility-v2+json header mentioned in v2, no need to send or increment, Versioning will be managed via the url path.
  • Documentation updates


  • Request/response is now a single medical eligibility request/response
  • Error response schema changed
  • Adding address to subscriber and dependents in response
  • Must send Header: Accept application/vnd.changehealthcare.medicaleligibility-v2+json


  • Initial offering of Eligibility

Updated 2 months ago

Change Log/Release Notes

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