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Change Log

API Name API Version Date Introduced Available Until
Institutional Claims v1 11/01/19 TBD

Release Notes:


  • Initial Release of the Institutional Claims API

v1 Updates (9/20/2021)

Change Healthcare Medical Network APIs support a significant troubleshooting feature called metadata. API users do not need to enable this capability; it is automatic and has no effect on information in any medical transaction. It appears in the JSON response content for your API. If you encounter any issues with a transaction and need to work with CHC technical support, you can furnish the representative with the values provided in the meta object. This enables the technician to get a head start on addressing the problem.

   "meta": {
       "senderId": "Xxxx.Xxxxxx",
       "applicationMode": "prod",
       "traceId": "bc409414-70ed-e387-e7d8-7addd7a7b599"

The meta object obtains its data from the request headers and the transaction token.

v1 Updates (9/2/2021)

Medical Network APIs are now deployed to an enhanced cloud-native network connection, which offers improved API speed and reliability. We recommend updating your systems to the following Professional Claims API endpoint URLs at the first opportunity::

  • Production:
  • Sandbox:

  • Updates 12/24/20: This update resolves issues IMNP-21000 and IMNP-21001. Added support for Country and Country Subdivision Codes. Required only when the billing address is not in Canada or in the United States of America, including its territories (e.g. American Samoa). Used when the billing address includes a country and an administrative subdivisions of any type such as states, provinces, or canton. These values reside in the EDI N404 and N407 fields in Loop 2010BA.

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