Change Log/Release Notes

Change Log

API Name API Version Date Introduced Available Until
Claim Status v2 4-17-19
Claims Status v1 1-1-19 Deprecated

Release Notes:

v2 Updates (9/20/2021)

Change Healthcare Medical Network APIs support a significant troubleshooting feature called metadata. API users do not need to enable this capability; it is automatic and has no effect on information in any medical transaction. It appears in the JSON response content for your API. If you encounter any issues with a transaction and need to work with CHC technical support, you can furnish the representative with the values provided in the meta object. This enables the technician to get a head start on addressing the problem.

   "meta": {
       "senderId": "Xxxx.Xxxxxx",
       "applicationMode": "prod",
       "traceId": "bc409414-70ed-e387-e7d8-7addd7a7b599"

The meta object obtains its data from the request headers and the transaction token.

v2 Updates (9/2/2021)

Medical Network APIs are now deployed to an enhanced cloud-native network connection, which offers improved API speed and reliability. We recommend updating your systems to the following Claim Status API endpoint URLs at the first opportunity::

  • Production:
  • Sandbox:


  • 4/26/21: updates to Loop 2100A for Payer information attributes
  • Security and Authorization changes in v3
  • Host and url changes
  • Documentation updates


  • Initial offering of claim status

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