Who Am I API v0.5

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The WhoAmI API is used to display member demographic profile information. There are four options that support an application's responsiveness, each returning different levels of profile information; Basic, Detailed, PayerInfo, and Full.

Basic Profile – provides a minimum set of member profile information.

Detailed Profile – includes a more broad set of profile information for a member than the BasicProfile, including all known telecom values, additional address, race, and ethnicity.

PayerInfo Profile - includes health coverage information such as Group Number, Policy Number, and Plan Name.

Full Profile - combines all of the member's profile information from the previous three options; Basic Profile, Detailed Profile, and PayerInfo profile.

Where duplicate information exists in a member's profile, the relevant information is returned to eliminate obsolete values.

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Change Log

API Name API Version Date Introduced Available Until
Who Am I API v0.5 December 8, 2020 TBD

Release Notes:


  • Initial API for sales demo project
  • Real APIs version starts with an integer rather than a partial number